Supplementary Exams information for staff

A reminder to Subject Coordinators who are preparing for exams in the special and supplementary examinations conducted over 23-30 July:

This round of supplementary exams will run as the just-concluded main exams round did. If you have special exams granted in your subject(s), your department would have received an email from the Exams Office, and an invitation to select the exam mode and type in the exam timetabling system.

The integration with the exams system will create the exams shell in the LMS on Sunday 19 July. Due to the tight turnaround (three days) we are recommending that Subject Coordinators create Question Banks or Assignments in their LMS Playpens, and then copy those into the system-created exam shells. By doing so, the AEA arrangements are centrally managed for you, as are configuration settings required from the Assessment Working Group.

Virtual drop-in sessions to help move Question Banks and Assignments will be held from 1-2pm on Monday to Wednesday next week. Join a drop-in session here.

The resources on creating Quizzes and Assignments for exams, and moving them from LMS Playpens, are still correct and available from assessment options for Semester 1, 2020. We recommend that Subject Coordinators seek advice from Learning Environments if they are in any way unclear as to how to copy their content from their Playpen across to their exam shell.