Subject Experience Surveys for Semester 1 are open

The Semester 1 SES survey runs from Monday 14 May to Sunday 3 June.

Putting some simple measures in place now may benefit your subject's SES response rates at survey time. Staff play a critical role in encouraging student participation in the SES, so whether you're looking to improve on last semester's response rates or are new to the process, the following information will set you off on the right foot.

Survey availability dates

Your Faculty SES representative is currently scheduling surveys, and you will be advised of the arrangements for your specific subject before the survey launches. The standard Semester 1 survey period will run from Monday 14 May to Sunday 3 June this year. If your subject follows a standard Semester 1 timeline, it is likely that your survey will be available during this period.

Students can complete the SES at and will receive email reminders during the survey period to do so.

Preparing for a successful Subject Experience Survey

Provide feedback on last semester's survey outcomes

It is recommended that feedback about SES outcomes is communicated to students. Guidelines are available to assist you in providing this information via the LMS. Provision of feedback to students demonstrates that their survey responses are valuable. It is also recommended to provide examples of actions taken as a result of survey feedback to demonstrate that student comments are put to good use.

Your LMS subject should currently contain feedback on the survey outcomes from the previous cohort of students. If this has not yet been prepared for your subject, information and instructions on meeting these requirements are available from the SES website's survey results page.

Once you receive survey outcomes from this semester's Subject Experience Survey, these should also be provided to students via the LMS.

Schedule class time for students to complete the Subject Experience Survey (optional)

Some departments or faculties choose to allocate time in class for students to complete the SES, where access is available to computers, mobile phones or tablets. Of course, students may still choose to complete the survey in their own time, but allowing time during a class provides an opportunity to fill in the survey on the spot, without interruptions.

Please note that teaching staff should leave the room while students complete their surveys. More information and advice on this process is available on the SES website's getting started page.

Promote the SES to students before and during the survey period

Teaching staff play a critical role in the promotion of the SES to students. You have first-hand understanding of the importance of student feedback, and your endorsement may encourage participation in the survey. More details are available on the SES website's survey promotion page.

The first ten entries drawn in the prize draw will receive $100 Coles/Myer gift cards each. Terms and conditions can be accessed here.

In summary

Getting started with the Subject Experience Survey:

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Adding previous cohort's survey results to current LMS subjects:

How to promote the SES within your subject:

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