Subject Experience Survey underway for Semester 2

The Subject Experience Survey (SES) for Semester 2 is now underway and will close on Sunday 3 November. During this period, we ask staff to support and promote the SES to students. The University aims for a minimum response rate of 50% for each subject.

It is recommend that the SES is promoted in the following ways:

  1. Advise students of the survey opening and closing dates through communications in class and via the LMS. Posters and text for lecture slides are available at the SES promotion website.
  2. Remind students that they are eligible for a prize of one of 10 $100 Coles Myer gift cards by completing the SES.
  3. Schedule class time for students to complete the SES. You may choose to allocate time in class for students to complete the SES where access is available to computers or mobile devices. More information on this process is available on the SES promotion website. If you intend to do this, we are happy to advertise the fact on the social streams for the students, please just let us know before time.
  4. Add feedback on the previous semester’s survey outcomes to your current LMS subject. This is an important step to demonstrate to students that their feedback is acted upon. Feedback from the current survey period should also be provided via the LMS once results have been processed. Please refer to the SES results website for requirements and instructions.
  5. Remind students of the importance of their feedback as the survey period progresses.

For further details and resources used to promote the survey, see the SES promotion website. We thank you for your cooperation, and please don’t hesitate to contact your SES Faculty Representative with any questions on surveying processes and requirements.