Semester 2, 2020 - When will my subject be visible to students?

Subjects in Semester 2 (SM2 and S2E) teaching deliveries will automatically be made available to students on Friday 24 July 2020.

Semester 2 subjects will be automatically published

All subjects in Semester 2, including early-start subjects, will automatically be published 10 days before the study period start date in StudentOne. The process will begin at 10:00am and may take a few hours to complete for all subjects.

This means that 2020 Semester 2 (2020_SM2) and 2020 Semester 2 Early-Start (2020_S2E) subjects will be published and available to students from 10am on Friday 24 July 2020.

Enrolled Subject Coordinators will receive an email notification a few days before this date to advise that their subject will be automatically published.

All other offerings of subjects such as intensives (2020_AUG etc.) or Sem 2 Extended (2020_SM2E, 2020_S2X) will need to be manually published by the Subject Coordinator.

Manually publish or unpublish your Subject

Staff can control the availability of their subject to students using the Subject Status options.

Simply go to Home (1) in the top-left of your subject navigation menu, then click Publish or Unpublish (2) in the sidebar.

Publish or unpublish your subject at any time

For additional support regarding subject availability, please contact Learning Environments.