Semester 1, 2020 - When will my subject be visible to students?

Image of student with mobile device

Subjects in Semester 1 (SM1) and Year Long (YRL) teaching deliveries will automatically be made available to students 10 days before the Study period start date in StudentOne.

This means that Semester 1 and year-long subjects will be made available on Friday 21st February. Subject Coordinators will receive a notification a few days before to advise that their subject will be automatically published.

All other offerings of subjects such as FEB, MAR etc. will need to be made available manually by the subject coordinator.

Publish or unpublish your subject manually

Staff can always control the availability of their subject from the subject home page.

To make a subject unavailable to students, simply go to Home (1) on the top left of your subject menu, then click Unpublish (2) on the top right of the screen

Publish or unpublish your subject at any time

For additional support regarding your subject's availability, please contact Learning Environments.