Records disposal

Did you know that as a University of Melbourne staff member, you have responsibilities to appropriately manage University records? This means recorded information, in any format (eg electronic, paper, image) created or received by staff of the University in the course of conducting their University duties. A large part of this is knowing how long different records should be kept for and when they ought to be destroyed.

Reasons to retain University records:

  • To provide evidence of decision-making and support accountability
  • To enable staff to carry out the University's business activities
  • To meet public expectations and trust by being transparent, encouraging a positive long-lasting relationship with the broader University community
  • To preserve the organisational memory and history of the University
  • To comply with legislative and regulatory requirements

Reasons to destroy/delete University records:

  • To improve ease and efficiency of working, as available information is current and relevant
  • To reduce the physical and digital storage obligations and costs on the University
  • To support a proactive approach to privacy by destroying personal, sensitive and health information in a timely manner where appropriate
  • To reduce risk and liability in over-retaining information which could have otherwise been legally destroyed
  • To comply with legislative and regulatory requirements

The main resource for identifying when to keep and when to destroy information is the University Records Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA). There you will find different categories of activities, with the corresponding requirements.

Note that Learning Environments manages data in the LMS, Qualtrics, PollEverywhere and SES to comply with Victorian Records requirements.

Please do note that the RDA will be getting a much-needed face lift very soon, which we hope you find useful!

For more information on retention and disposal, or records management more generally, please visit or contact the Records Services team at or x43534.