Project Evolve update: October

As we move towards full migration of all subjects to Canvas for 2020, it is vital that we receive key information from staff about their subjects. If you have not done so already, please complete the Migration Questionnaire as soon as possible to ensure that your subject is migrated on time, and is ready for teaching.

Special note for Law

Please hold off from undertaking the survey at this time. The Law School will notify it’s academics of how migration is to proceed in the coming months. If you are an academic from the Melbourne Law School with questions regarding the rollout, please email Julie Clarke directly at

Special note for FVAS

Please hold off from undertaking the survey at this time. Please contact about your 2020 subject migrating to Canvas.

Canvas: Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to my content in Blackboard?

All content in Blackboard will be retained should you need it after the move to Canvas. Even if you choose not to copy some content from Blackboard to your Canvas subject or community in this migration process, it will remain in Blackboard and will be accessible to us and you, should you need it in the future. This means you can confidently build your subject/community in Canvas with just the content you need in this instance, without fear of losing previous years' content.

Don't forget to keep checking our FAQ page for answers to other questions such as this!

Canvas self-paced, online training

Staff can now enrol in Canvas self-paced, online training; 'Canvas: Learn at your own pace'. This training is designed to support you to design, develop and deliver learning materials in Canvas. The online modules align with the face-to-face workshops, so you can choose to learn in the following ways:

  • Only complete the online training
  • Complete some online modules and attend some face-to-face workshops
  • Use the self-paced training to reinforce learnings from the workshops.

Learn more about Canvas self-paced online training

For further information or enquiries about the move to Canvas please contact the team at the Project Evolve page.