Project Evolve update: June

As we move closer to Semester 2, Project Evolve is busy supporting the pilot Subject Coordinators and other staff as they prepare the 110 pilot subjects due to be taught in Canvas LMS. The relevant subjects have been migrated to the new LMS with one-on-one support and workshops provided to the teaching and support staff involved. The move to Kaltura Video Management System (VMS) is also underway with workshops being offered to staff involved in the pilot. For staff not involved in the Semester 2 pilot, but who are keen to get an early start, please feel free to book in to a workshop through the Canvas workshops and events page. There is no risk of missing out as workshops will be offered continuously throughout the rest of 2019, in conjunction with Faculty support. Teaching staff that would prefer to wait for their migrated subjects and related migration support are encouraged to wait for later Faculty workshops.

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Roadshow information sessions

A series of 'roadshow' information sessions for all staff are beginning soon; the first of which will be held on Thursday 27 June, from 1-2pm in the Singapore Theatre, Glyn Davis building (MSD). Note that this session is limited in numbers due to the size of the theatre, so we ask that you register if you would like to attend. These roadshow events will be held regularly in the lead up to 2020.

Project Evolve newsletter

A Project Evolve newsletter was launched in early June and will be sent to all staff on a monthly basis, with the aim to provide relevant updates on Canvas LMS and Kaltura VMS. The newsletter content is replicated on the Project Evolve newsletter page and staff can subscribe on this page if they missed out on receiving the email.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page

A new frequently asked questions (FAQ) page has been developed which will be maintained and updated regularly with questions that arise about the move to Canvas and Kaltura. If you would like to submit a question, you can do so through the Project Evolve support form.

We are excited with the current progress towards our new LMS and VMS and look forward to further assisting the University community as we progress through the pilot and on to our 2020 full migration. We encourage all staff to keep an eye on the Project Evolve page for updates and encourage questions or feedback via the Project Evolve support form.

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