Add a competitive edge to students' learning with Poll Everywhere

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Add the element of friendly rivalry to your students' learning!

Poll Everywhere's new feature 'Competitions' allows students to earn points when responding to polls live in class! To add to the sense of fun and immediacy, a cracking time constraint of 10 seconds can be added to each question, while a leaderboard shows the class the top players. Students can participate on their mobile device or laptop, and either log in with their University identity, or anonymously. When used anonymously, students will be assigned a randomised, fictional name to display on the leaderboard.

An example of a Poll Everywhere competition leaderboard
An example of a Poll Everywhere competition leaderboard

A 'competition' can be a single question, or series of questions. As with other poll types, competitions are simple to create in your Poll Everywhere account and can be added to your PowerPoint lecture slides, so that there is no awkward shuffling between applications mid-class.

Poll Everywhere is being used widely throughout the University community with positive feedback from both staff and students. The tool can be integrated into both synchronous and asynchronous learning settings, and facilitates both social learning and game-based pedagogy.

The video below shows a Poll Everywhere competition from a student's perspective in action!

Poll Everywhere competitions example

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