Online survey tool: Qualtrics - now available to all staff and research students

Learning Environments is very pleased to announce the launch of a University wide Qualtrics license. All staff and research students now have the opportunity to use this online survey tool in their research, support roles or teaching and learning activities.

For current FBE Qualtrics users, please see this notice.

Qualtrics is an online survey tool that allows users to easily create surveys, design them collaboratively, and share responses with colleagues. Its intuitive design makes creating appealing surveys easy. There are 16 sophisticated question types with many variations on their setup. Qualtrics has many advanced features including embedded data, advanced branching, display logic, filters on reporting plus many others.

Surveys can be distributed via a number of methods such as email, anonymous links, personal links to track individual responses, social media and QR codes.

Staff and research students can access the Qualtrics account here with their University credentials.

For support on using Qualtrics, including guides, visit the University's Qualtrics support page.

Please review the above webpage and lodge requests for further information by logging a LMS support request.

Multiple Choice Survey Question
Multiple choice survey question with images

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Catherine Manning