New Sections tool

A new version of the Sections tool (formerly Student Sections Enrolment Tool) in your subject navigation menu was deployed to Canvas on 20 May at 10am.

Important changes to note:

The creation of sections and enrolment management is now done directly within the Sections Tool. The Sections tab from Subject settings area has been removed.

Sections tool image

The Sections Tool is accessible via the subject navigation menu:

Sections tool image 2

If the tool does not appear in the subject navigation menu, it will need to be enabled from subject settings.

A guide on how to use the new Sections tool is available:

Features of the new version:

  • The new version displays a summary of current sections (automatically and manually created ones) along with the student count and an actions column to manage sections and enrolments.
  • Automatically created sections cannot be deleted: these sections are created and populated using enrolment information from the University's class registration system, Allocate+.
  • Manually created sections can only be deleted when enrolments from the section are removed. Therefore, there is a lower chance of deleting a section in error.
  • The tool displays students' full name, username and student ID.
  • Creation and management of sections can be done via the interface and via a spreadsheet.

For further information on this tool, please submit a support request.