New Lecture Capture experience begins 17-18 February

The new Lecture Capture system will be deployed over the weekend of Saturday 17 to Monday 19 February. The change will involve no interruption to recording functionality: lectures in active Summer subjects, or any other booked lectures during this upgrade period will continue to be recorded in the existing (‘old’) Lecture Capture System, and these recordings will be transferred to the ‘new’ system following the change. Following the migration, all new lecture recordings will be captured in the new system. Staff will continue to have access to previous recordings via the ‘old’ lecture capture system. The new Lecture Capture system is a migration to the cloud from our existing Echo360 infrastructure. New features for staff and students will include:

  • An increase in lecture capture recording quality to HD (720p),
  • A new interface for staff and students to view, playback and download lecture capture recordings,
  • A new Lecture Capture ‘Content Page’ that will be automatically inserted into all 2018 LMS subjects with Lecture Capture enabled. This content page will include links to lecture recordings. Teaching staff will be able to manage availability/unavailability to students (as in current system),
  • Enhanced learning analytics capability for all staff with an instructor role in the LMS subject,
  • Students can anonymously flag ‘points of confusion’ within the lecture recording. Student guides state that any response to flags is at the sole discretion of teaching staff. We recommend that staff make it clear to students if they intend to monitor the confusion flag;
  • Students can add bookmarks and take study notes in the system for their own use,
  • Staff will no longer receive notification of recording publication, and are encouraged instead to make use of the new Learning Analytics pane that will indicate usage of the recordings,

Additional features available in the system (off by default, but can be enabled by teaching staff) in subjects:

  • Teaching staff can upload optional presentation slides into the system for students to follow along during class;
  • Teaching staff can add ‘Active engagement’ slides such as Polls, Multiple Choice, Drop Pin on Image, and other types,
  • Option to create a Q&A discussion forum for each recording (note: guides for these additional/optional features are being developed).

Guides and more information are available on the Lecture Capture website.

Further communications and information will be released as the service is enriched. If you have any questions relating to the new Lecture Capture system, please contact us via the support form.