Understanding student engagement using New Analytics in Canvas

Canvas 'New Analytics' supports teaching staff identify what students may be struggling with, review the content items and activities that students are viewing and engaging with, and conduct quick comparisons.

What does New Analytics provide?

  • Average subject grade
  • Compare the subject average with an individual assignment, subject section, or student filter
  • View average weekly online participation*
  • Compare the subject average weekly online participation* with an individual student or section
  • Send a message to all students based on specific grade or participation criteria
  • Send a message to an individual student based on specific grade or participation criteria
  • View subject grade and participation* for an individual student.

Display options

New Analytics displays insights in either a chart or a table. Also available is the option to download data as a CSV file.

Canvas Analytics
Example of using the chart view to compare subject use between an individual student and the entire subject.
The top chart indicates page views and the bottom chart indicates participation*
Canvas Analytics
Example of using the table view to compare the subject grade of an individual student with the average subject grade
Canvas Analytics
Example of messaging students from within New Analytics who are yet to submit a particular assignment

How to access New Analytics

The New Analytics button is located on the subject Home page.

New analytics button in Canvas
New Analytics button

It can also be accessed through the subject menu. Note that students do NOT have access to this tool.

Data is refreshed in New Analytics every 24 hours for only active student enrolments and is an aggregate across all devices, including Canvas mobile apps. Note that it might take some time to generate the statistics the first time the tool is accessed for a subject.

* Participation can be thought of as actions that create artefacts in Canvas. For example, creating a discussion post, submitting an assignment, starting a quiz, completing a quiz or creating a page. Participation and page views should only be viewed as part of a broader picture of student engagement within a subject. Student interaction styles can vary considerably and this can manifest in the data in different ways.

Resources: learn more about New Analytics

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