Moving quizzes from your Playpen subject to your exam shell

If you have created a complex Quiz with multiple question banks, please contact Learning Environments for assistance with moving your Quiz from your Playpen subject to the Quiz exam shell.

The following steps outline how to create questions bank in your Playpen subject and copy them across your question bank to your quiz exam shell.

  1. Go into your playpen subject and create a question bank with the exam questions.
  2. To create a question bank:
  • Click on Quizzes in the subject menu
  • Click on the vertical ellipses (three dots) menu in the top right of the quizzes page
  • Select Manage question banks
  • Click Add question bank
  • Enter a name for the question bank e.g. Exam SM2 2020, then click Return
  • Now click on the name of the question bank you have just created and add your exam questions to the question bank.

You are able to move any questions already created in the unfiled question bank into your newly created question bank.

  1. On the Manage question bank page, bookmark the question bank by clicking on the bookmark icon.

When you are ready to copy your quiz from your Playpen subject to your subject

  1. Open the Subject with the exam and find the exam shell quiz.
  2. Attach the bookmarked question bank to your exam shell quiz using the following steps:
  • Edit the quiz
  • Click on Questions tab
  • Click Find questions
  • Click on your question bank in the list on the left
  • Put a check next to the questions you wish to add
  • Click Add questions
  • Click Save to save you Quiz


  • Edit the quiz
  • Click on Questions tab
  • Click + New Question Group
  • Click Link to a Question Bank
  • Click on the desired question bank in the list
  • Click Select Bank
  • Select how many questions from the question bank you wish to present to students (will be presented randomly if not the full amount of question in the question bank) and how many points you wish to allocate per question
  • Click Create Group
  • Click Save to save you Quiz

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