LMS review project: update

The Learning Management System (LMS) review project is meeting its project timelines, with many months of requirements gathering coming to a close this week.  The formal tender process will be commencing this month, with the final version of the requirements document to be supplied to a selection of vendors.

Responses to the staff and student surveys, undertaken in April, were critical when compiling requirements. Engagement with the survey was high with over 800 staff  and nearly 8000 students responding. Detailed analysis of the surveys is complete, and reports are now available on the LMS project website.

In addition to the online surveys, workshops were held with each Faculty's nominated representative which were key to the requirements gathering process. This wide engagement, along with the survey responses, combined to elicit new, and validate current, requirements. As a result, the project has produced a comprehensive and extensive list of over 500 requirements which will be used to assist the selection process for the University's next LMS.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the project so far. For more information, fortnightly updates will be posted to the project website.