LMS review project: assessment of vendors has now begun

The LMS review team finalised the formal requirements document in July, and the formal tender process commenced. The vendors submitted their responses to the selection criteria on Monday 13 August. A rigorous assessment of each potential vendor is now taking place, and there will be an announcement about the results of the selection process in October.

Representatives from across the University are assisting with the selection process. A survey will also be offered to students who expressed interest in being contacted when the online survey was undertaken in April. This will ensure broad consultation as part of the review process.

Alongside the LMS review, the project team is exploring options for a video management system (VMS) for the University.

The current landscape at the University has a deployment of various video editing, creation and management platforms - some of which are integrated or embedded with the LMS. There are also some deployments of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Content Management Systems (CMS) that store video content.

This use of multiple different platforms for video creates a number of pain points for both staff and students, not least of which is the lack of an enterprise solution that the whole University can use.

By working with colleagues and stakeholders across the University the project team has gathered the key requirements for managing video for teaching and learning. They have also surveyed available solutions, and bench-marked against other Universities. The LMS review team is currently undertaking a VMS selection process, which involves:

  • Arranging and executing vendor demonstrations, and aligning this with the LMS selection process
  • Bringing together an evaluation team which includes key stakeholders to review the VMS offering against requirements
  • Analysing integration needs between systems
  • Ensuring any procurement activities are aligned.

An announcement related to the findings of the VMS review will be made in October, aligning with the LMS decision.

For details and updates please see the LMS review project webpage.