LEGO Kickers make the finals!

Learning Environments and Graduate Online Melbourne are known for supporting staff and students in their learning and teaching, but did you know that they have also been harbouring a secret talent!?  That's right - they have started a futsal team and compete in a campus competition each semester.

'LEGO Kickers' is a team comprising 11 players from Learning Environments and Graduate Online Melbourne. In their first season in the Futsal Campus Sport tournament they have recently achieved a very respectable 4th position in a ladder consisting of 12 teams - which qualifies them for the finals!

We share this information with the University community for two important reasons:

1. We invite you to come along to cheer on your teaching and learning support staff as they enter the finals on Friday 13th October.


2. We invite you to start your own team and take us on next Semester!

For more information on campus sports, see

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