Lecture Capture new feature: student notes

note taking 2

The new Lecture Capture experience was launched in February this year and has been a great success.  With the change, students now have the ability to take notes in the Lecture Capture system, either while viewing the Lecture Capture recording, or during a lecture if a presentation file for the lecture has been uploaded to the system.

While viewing a Lecture Capture recording students can click the 'notes' icon in the tool bar to bring  up a notes pane on the right of the viewing interface.  Notes are time stamped with the appropriate time in the recording which the notes relate to. There is also a 'bookmark' icon in the tool bar that lets student add bookmarks to the recording for students easy access later.  Bookmarks are displayed in the notes pane with a timestamp.   All timestamps can be edited or deleted by the student if desired.

Similarly, if a presentation file has been uploaded prior to a lecture, students can access the presentation file during the lecture. In the presentation file they can add their own notes and bookmarks related to the relevant slide.

Students can download their notes to a text file.  It is recommended that students open the downloaded file in Word rather than Notepad.  This provides a better student experience as Notepad doesn't recognise the line breaks.

Only students can view their own notes.  Fellow students and teaching staff  have no access to the private notes feature. The University also does not have access to the study notes and has an agreement with the vendor that the raw data cannot be analysed.   Instructors can view the analytics for a Lecture Capture to get an indication of which students are taking notes within the interface.

All notes can be viewed, edited or downloaded from the student's 'Study Guide' tab for the subject.  This allows students to quickly access all of their notes for each recording or presentation. There is an option to download all the notes for the subject.

Students have begun using this feature with over 12,000 notes added in the last week alone!