Lecture Capture: Exciting new functionality available for Semester 2

As part of our ongoing Lecture Capture improvement works, we are pleased to announce support for the following new functionality:

Presentation slides and activities

Upload your slides, present them, and use interactive activities all within the Lecture Capture system. This new functionality gives you the ability to track engagement and activity responses for your recordings.

Add activities to your Lecture Capture presentations

Q&A discussions

You now have the ability to enable Q&A on your presentation slides and lecture recordings. This gives students the option of asking questions, or starting discussions, and you the ability to initiate conversations by asking students your own questions.

Enable Q&A for your subject under Settings - Features

Closed captions

Upload your own closed caption files to your recordings.

Analytics and reporting user guides

More information on the systems reporting and analytics capabilities is now available in our analytics staff guide.

Location of analytics tab

These features are available now in preparation for Semester 2. Users guides and support materials have been updated, and are available on the Lecture Capture guides and support webpage.

We will also be activating the following prior to Semester 2, 2018:

  • Single Sign On integration - for access to the system outside of the LMS.
  • Support for the Echo360 Mobile Application - Students now have the ability to watch or listen to lecture recordings on their smartphone.

It is important to note that the way you currently interact with the Lecture Capture System will not change. The new features are being introduced to complement the current experience, but will not be turned on by default. However, if you choose to activate these features or wish to try them out, the Learning Environments team is here to support you through this process.

If you have any queries or would like additional information, please contact us using the Lecture Capture support form.