Lecture Capture analytics

With the launch of the new Lecture Capture system at the start of this year, new analytics options have become available. Now that Semester 1 is coming to a close, it is an ideal time to review the data for your Lecture Capture recordings and consider the story that these numbers tell.

If you are a staff member in the LMS subject, you are automatically able to view the analytics for the Lecture Capture recordings for that subject via the analytics tab.

Lecture Capture Analytics Students Page

Open the tab onto the 'Classes' page. This is a summary of all the analytics across all the Lecture Capture recordings for the subject. Each line on the graph represents the analytics for different components within the Lecture Capture system such as video views or activity, with a key below the graph. Clicking on a label for a line will make it bold in the graph. Some of the lines may show no data as the tool may not have been used within the subject. For example, if you did not add your lecture's PowerPoint slides into the Lecture Capture system, then there will be no data analytics on 'Presentation views'.

Lecture Capture Analytics Classes Page

The 'Least engaged students' table will display the 5 least engaged students as per the 'Engagement Score'. You can select which elements within the Lecture Capture system are used to calculate the 'Engagement Score' on the 'Engagement' page. If you wish engagement just to reflect video views, you can change the engagement calculation on this page.

The 'Confusing Content' table provides a summary of content that students have anonymously flagged as confusing, using the 'Confusion Flag' feature. You can click on the name of the video that is flagged as confusing to be taken to the point in the Lecture Capture that was flagged as confusing.

Using the 'All Classes' drop down option at the top of the graph you can select a single Lecture Capture and view the analytics on just that lecture. Note: the viewing data is displayed in 10 minute blocks and, as a default, shows you the last 10 minutes. You will need to use the arrow key next to the graph to view earlier 10 minute blocks.

The 'Students' page displays the metrics per student on engagement, video views, presentation views etc. Again, some of these columns may display no data if that feature hasn't been used within the Lecture Capture system. You are able to sort on any column by clicking on the column name. A 'search' box at the top of the table allows you to search for a particular student. Currently only students who have accessed the Lecture Capture link in your LMS subject will appear in the Lecture Capture analytics. In the lead up to semester 2, Lecture Capture subjects will receive all active student enrolments from the LMS subject, at which time all students will be viewable regardless of their access.

Analytics tab for staff

You are able to look at the analytics per student for just one of your Lecture Captures by using the 'All Classes' drop down option at the top of the table. Clicking on the 'All Content' drop down option at the top right and selecting 'Video' allows you to see just the video viewing analytics for that Lecture Capture. Again, you can sort by each column by clicking on the name of the column.

The 'Export & Gradebook' page allows you to take an export of the analytics data by clicking on 'Activity Participation (%)' and choosing from the drop down list which metrics you wish to export and then clicking 'Start Export Job'.

More detailed information about analytics can be found on the Lecture Capture analytics guide

The Lecture Capture guides and support page lists all the Lecture Capture guides and you can lodge a support request if you would like assistance in interpreting your analytics.