Learning Environments' support for FlexAP project grows!

If you are interested in accessing the Flexible Academic Programming (FlexAP) strategic funding for your subject development project, Learning Environments can help you!

Learning Environments is directly supporting projects in the following FlexAP activity streams:

  • Educational Video (+500 subjects)
  • Fully Online Subjects

and engaging in other streams to support MCSHE as needed, particularly:

  • Assessment Reform
  • Curriculum transformation in +300 subjects

To ensure Learning Environments is resourced to support Academic Divisions with their FlexAP projects, we have been growing our team over the past few months, to now include additional video producers, learning designers, educational technologists, and program management capability. Extensive activity has already occurred in Learning Environments to ensure a smooth process for those engaging with FlexAP projects. We have been working with Chancellery and MCSHE to co-ordinate the delivery of a number of Round 1 projects across various FlexAP streams, and we’re now expecting to assist projects from the 2nd Round of FlexAP Learning and Teaching Initiatives (LTI) closing Friday 21st June, 2019.

Detailed information about FlexAP is now available on the staff hub and Learning Environments also highlights available support for FlexAP projects.

Our new team in Learning Environments is keen to meet with you to discuss your ideas for FlexAP projects, and we encourage you to contact us to follow up!