Learning Environments partners with the Noel Shaw Gallery for “The Universe Looks Down”

Learning Environments recently had the honour of contributing to the exhibition of a new and exciting visual response to the iconic long-form poem The Universe Looks Down at the Baillieu's Noel Shaw Gallery. The project is the culmination of Chris Wallace-Crabbe's 15-year writing process, and his partner Kristin Headlam's 6-year artistic response.

Filming the exhibition video
Filming the exhibition video

The exhibition features a series of sixty-two etchings and preparatory sketchbooks made by Kristin that visualise the work of Chris - who is an Emeritus Professor of English here at the University of Melbourne.

While Learning Environments was initially only approached to produce a short four-minute video, the team of video producers worked hard to create a seventeen-minute modular video that explores Kristin and Chris' creative collaboration. The resulting video is designed to be viewed at any point, revisited, or viewed in its entirety, and is now an integral part of the exhibition.

The Universe Looks Down - Kristin Headlam & Chris Wallace-Crabbe in Conversation - Exhibition Video