July LMS updates - Feature releases and bug fixes

A range feature updates and bug fixes are scheduled for this week, including better visibility of subject status, improved control of email notifications and bulk editing assignment dates.

Feature updates - Deployed Sunday 19 July

Better visibility of subject status

The Dashboard, Subjects menu and All Subjects page will display published and unpublished subjects separately. This helps staff and students quickly identify their current subjects and communities each semester.

Find out more in the Canvas Community guides: View all subjects and communities and customise your Dashboard.

A user Dashboard showing published subjects and unpublished subjects separately

Improved control of email notifications

Staff and students will now have greater flexibility over the frequency of notifications sent to their University email address.

While your account-level notification options remain the same (i.e. send email right away, send a weekly summary), you can now control your notification preferences for each subject and community that you are a part of.

This helps users stay up to date with current subjects and communities, while avoiding notification fatigue from subjects and communities which don’t require your focus at this time.

Subject notification settings
Notification preference settings for a subject

To access these settings, click the View Subject Notifications button from the Subject or Community Home page.

View Subject Notifications
Click View Subject Notifications

Bulk edit assignments and due dates

Staff can now edit the dates associated with a subject’s assignments, discussions, and quizzes in a single page.

Additionally, a new batch edit feature allows multiple assignments to shift all dates by a specific number of days.

View the Canvas Community guide for more information: How do I bulk update due dates and availability dates?

Edit Assignment Dates
Edit the dates for multiple assignments at once

Upload multiple files to Modules

Staff can select multiple files to add to the Modules and upload files through drag/drop from their desktop.

File upload
Uploading multiple files to a Module

Shortcut added to Import Existing Content from the Home page

Staff can now access the Import Content tool from the subject Home page, making it easier to bring content across to a current subject from your Playpen or a previous semester. You will also see an indicator displaying the upload progress during import.

Additionally, Outcomes can now be imported as specific content using the Import Content tool.

Import Existing Content button
Button added as a shortcut to Import Content tool

Bug fixes - Deployed on Wednesday 15 July

The Content Editor menu bar remains fixed for pages with long content

The editor menu will no longer disappear as you scroll down a content page while editing.

Fixed toolbar
Editor toolbar is fixed to the top of the page while scrolling

Unanswered quiz questions display correctly

When students are allowed to see the correct answers for a quiz, depending on the question type, unanswered questions were being identified as either Unanswered or Incorrect. This has now been fixed and will show as Unanswered.

Unanswered quiz question


Code improvements in multiple areas have been made to no longer include role attributes where unnecessary and appropriate keyboard shortcuts are now triggered by Alt + F8.