It’s time to recreate Turnitin assignments for the new semester

At the start of every new teaching period, it's important to delete any Turnitin assignments that may have been carried over from the previous instance of a subject.

The reason for this is that Turnitin assignments that have been copied over will not function correctly as the new semester progresses, causing problems such as corrupt submissions, missing student names, and a disruption to the flow of grades to Grade Centre - all things you would rather avoid!

To delete any Turnitin assignments copied from an earlier subject, click the drop-down arrow next to the title of the assignment and choose Delete

Deleting a Turnitin assignment in the LMS
Deleting an assignment in the LMS

After deleting all Turnitin assignments, simply create fresh versions of the assignments on any content page.

Creating a new Turnitin assignment on an LMS content page
Creating fresh versions of an assignment on an LMS content page

This will give your Turnitin assignments a fresh start for the semester. For further assistance with this process, please refer to the Turnitin guides or log a support request.