Interviews with Indigenous leaders

Over the last 12 months, Learning Environments has been working with Alister Thorpe, (lecturer in Indigenous Health) and Sheila Scopis, (lecturer in Curriculum Development, Indigenous Health) from the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health to develop a series of video interviews with Indigenous leaders in government, health, academia, and community.

The twenty interviews were produced to facilitate the integration of Indigenous health knowledge in core subjects in the Master of Public Health. The particular focus for interviews was Indigenous Health in a rural setting.

Interviews were recorded in a pop-up studio in the Department of Rural Health in Shepparton, as well as in Learning Environment's Studio 1 at the Parkville campus. The body of interviews - 'Indigenous Online Resources' - will also be made available to other faculties.

Alister and Sheila recently presented the project at the annual CAPHIA conference in New Zealand, in April 2019.

The following video is an overview of the making of project 'Indigenous Online Resources':