Improving online learning quality: LTI resources

The current round of Learning and Teaching Initiatives (LTIs) is open for applications until June 26.

The 'Improving online learning quality' LTI (category 2) funds projects to support the enhancement of online subject delivery. There are ten initiatives outlined of which 5 are required to be implemented:

  1. Weekly virtual office hours
  2. Weekly video 'mailbag'
  3. Discussion list - moderated general
  4. Discussion list - moderated in discipline area
  5. Fortnightly synchronous Q&A session
  6. Fortnightly synchronous interactive seminar
  7. Fortnightly student presentations
  8. Embedded quizzes/assessment in video
  9. Tri-weekly formative, developmental quizzes/assessment
  10. Use one of the Learning Environments digital assessment techniques

See implementing online learning quality for information on each of these ten initiatives.

We encourage you to contact Learning Environments to discuss your ideas and application!