Create interactive learning activities using H5P

H5P allows you to create interactive learning activities and content for students simply and easily. You may have seen H5P activities such as 'drag and drop' as in the example below:

(Try it out! Drag the name of the fruit or vegetable to its image.)

Title: fruits and vegetables
License: General Public License Version 3 (GNU GPLv3)

H5P in Canvas

H5P has now been enabled in the Canvas LMS and is available for all staff to use. The full range of activity types that H5P offers can be found here.

To make use of H5P in your subject:
  • Click the 'apps' icon in your text box tools

Canvas apps icon

  • Choose 'H5P'

H5P option in Canvas apps options You can then begin creating activities that can be embedded in your page.

Guidance and training for H5P are in progress, but for those of you who want to try it out now, give it a go!

For more information, contact Learning Environments.