Exporting final grades from LMS to StudentOne

If you have been using the Grade Centre throughout the semester to keep track of student assessments such as tests, assignments and exam grades, you're probably getting very close to putting the official student grades into the University's student management system, StudentOne. The following video offers a demonstration on how to export these final grades to StudentOne:

Please note: The step in the video that outlines converting grades from a percentage to a whole number is no longer needed as the Grade Centre file now automatically converts the grade to a whole number.

Alternately, the steps are also outlined in text format as follows:

  1. Download StudentOne spreadsheet: Download the Excel template for final grades from StudentOne (or request it from your relevant departmental support staff). This is an Excel spreadsheet in the appropriate format for uploading final grades to StudentOne.
  2. Download LMS final grades spreadsheet: Download the final grades from the LMS Grade Centre using the following steps:
    1. Click Work Offline >> Download
    2. Choose 'Selected column' and select the column with overall subject result
    3. Click Submit >> Download.
    4. Select ‘Yes’ when opening in Excel to accept CSV format
  3. In the LMS final grades spreadsheet, ensure that the final grades are displayed as whole numbers (no decimal places). To do this, use the 'decrease decimal point' button in Excel.
  4. Sort both spreadsheets (the one from StudentOne and the one downloaded from Grade Centre) so that they are both ordered by student ID (click in the student ID column and click ‘Sort and Filter’ then ‘Sort A to Z’)
  5. Copy and paste the grades data from the LMS final grades spreadsheet into the ‘mark’ column in the StudentOne spreadsheet.
  6. Change grades if needed, for example, change a mark to 49 if hurdle requirements have not been met.
  7. Follow your departmental/faculty processes to have the StudentOne spreadsheet uploaded into StudentOne with the final grades.

Note: The current LMS (Blackboard) does not automatically send the final grades to StudentOne. This is because the LMS Grade Centre has not been used consistently across all subjects as a place to record and manage grades and, therefore, does not have sufficient data to be the source of truth for all final grades.

As always, if you need any assistance please do not hesitate to submit a support request.