CrowdCARE wins MDHS Award for Learning and Teaching Excellence

CrowdCARE, an LTI-funded collaborative project between Learning Environments and the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, has won the coveted 2018 MDHS Award for Program Innovation. It was praised by the awards panel as “highly innovative”, “valuable for students and researchers”, “highly sustainable”, underpinned by “strong principles of learning and teaching”.

The CrowdCARE web platform teaches and nurtures appraisal skills that underpin enquiry-based learning and evidence-based practice. It incorporates an authorable tutorial module that integrates with a database driven ratings system. The ratings are crowd sourced from trained users, including students, health practitioners and academic experts, rather than paid experts. Articles are sourced via an integration with the PubMed citations database, but CrowdCARE has scope to integrate with other citation systems.

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