Call for proposals for digital literacy 'show and tell' event on 12 November

Be part of the digital literacy 'show and tell', hosted by Scholarly Services (University Library), and Melbourne Graduate School of Education on 12 November 1:30-3.40pm, in the studioFive learning space, Kwong Lee Dow building.

We are calling for 'demonstrators' from across the University to share practical examples of incorporating digital technologies and developing students' digital literacy skills through teaching. If you are interested in demonstrating an example from your teaching, submit a proposal by Monday 15 October. Submissions will be reviewed for relevance. Attendees will move to the demonstrations stands, asking questions, exploring challenges and making connections.


Joanne Blannin:
8344 1565

Kat Frame:
8344 4865

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Joanne Blannin

8344 1565