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BluePulse: an alternate way to poll students

As previously posted, BluePulse is a polling tool designed to facilitate feedback, communication and engagement for staff and students in teaching and learning. Students can be polled in a number of formats, including multiple choice questions, likert scales, open-ended questions, and 'rate and comment' questions.

The LMS now offers two polling tools: BluePulse and Poll Everywhere. We suggest that staff who might have found Poll Everywhere was not precisely meeting their needs might want to explore BluePulse as an alternative. Whereas Poll Everywhere might be best suited to live, immediate, in-class polling, BluePulse could be considered for applications where a poll is open for a longer period of time to collect responses in an asynchronous learning activity.

Having successfully completed an initial pilot phase in recent months, the BluePulse pilot is now being expanded and offered to all staff to explore for inclusion in any LMS subject or community. Learning Environments encourages staff to take up this offer by submitting an expression of interest.

For information and resources on BluePulse, see the relevant Learning Environments technologies page at https://lms.unimelb.edu.au/learning-technologies/bluepulse

For other queries or support, contact Learning Environments by submitting a support request.

Example of a 'rate and comment' question type in BluePulse
Example of a 'rate and comment' question type in BluePulse

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