Blue Pulse: A new polling tool in pilot phase

The ability to tailor teaching to the needs of students, and regularly check in on their understanding is an important part of achieving learning outcomes. BluePulse is a polling service aimed at allowing teaching staff to quickly and easily assess students' learning needs, understanding, and engagement in real time during lectures and tutorials.

BluePulse can be embedded in your LMS subject and used by yourself and students there, and also (and potentially, more likely and readily) via the BluePulse app.

Students can be polled in a number of formats, including multiple choice questions, likert scales, open-ended questions, and 'rate and comment' questions.

Teaching staff can push polls to students at any time, including during lectures or tutorials, providing instant feedback.

Responses from and conversations with students can also be de-identified if required, allowing students to respond confidentially. This can be particularly useful for opening a channel with those students who are trepidatious about publicly asking a question or admitting their confusion.

We are also interested in exploring with teaching staff whether asking some of the Subject Experience Survey (SES) questions throughout the semester alongside immediate feedback questions yields more engagement or different results from completing the SES questions at the end of the Semester. Doing this could potentially open up opportunities to address issues that may be reported in the SES earlier, and address them directly and before the subject ends.

Example of a 'rate and comment' question type in BluePulse
Example of a 'rate and comment' question type in BluePulse

Learning Environments is currently seeking expressions of interest from academics and supporting teaching staff who are interested in taking part in a pilot use of BluePulse polling software over semester 2, 2018 or in the future. We have a limited number of student enrolments that we can cover (not the full University enrolment) but we do have plenty to cover off large first year and other classes if interested.

We are also particularly interested in what people who are already using polling systems such as Poll Everywhere, Echo360, Qualtrics and other tools think of the different way that BluePulse works in comparison with those systems.

To be involved in the pilot, please register your interest.

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