Blackboard and Turnitin assignments compared

When it comes to assignment submissions in the LMS there are two main options:

  1. Blackboard assignments
  2. Turnitin assignments.

To help you decide which one is right for you the table below compares the functionality between the two assignment options.

Functionality Blackboard Assignments Turnitin Assignments
A variety of file types can be submitted
Students submit online and receive feedback online
Staff mark online with the grade automatically flowing through to the Grade Centre
Rich feedback options with in-line text (depends on file submission type) and general comments
The use of a rubric to generate the mark and deliver text feedback
Submissions after the due date possible, with late submissions marked as late
Settings allow for multiple submissions * all submissions are viewable by staff and students * only latest submission is viewable by staff and students
Control over when students see their mark/feedback
Anonymous Grading
Students able to download a copy of their feedback for offline review * coming Dec 2018
Ability for staff to view student submissions by group (if groups are set up in the LMS)
Students can return to submission point to check they have submitted correctly and view the file they submitted
Submission by one person on behalf of their group, with feedback and marks automatically assigned to all group members; plus ability to give individual in group a different mark (groups need to be set up in the LMS)
Multiple files can be uploaded as the submission
Grade can be displayed as numeric, letter, percentage or complete/incomplete
Grades allows for decimal scores
Percentage and score ranges can be set within a rubric for criterion levels
Summary rubric reports
Similarity checking, highlighting non-original text
Staff can create and share a set of comments they regularly use to quickly apply to feedback as needed (Quickmarks)
Feedback using voice comments Via adding as attachment in feedback summary
Feedback can include attachments
Inline comments can be directly linked to rubric criteria
Staff able to submit a file on behalf of the student (staff need to seek student permission prior to doing this)
Feedback and grading can be provided without any file submission (for feedback for presentations etc.)
Staff able to grade offline via an app * Blackboard Instructor app has no offline marking Turnitin iPad app
Peer marking of assignment submissions
Statistics and reporting based on the comments and rubric selections used
Ability for staff to bulk download feedback to students
Student receives email notification when successfully submitted

We have LMS workshops on both Turnitin assignments and Blackboard assignments to allow you to explore learn how to set up and use these tools.

If you would like to discuss assignment submission options further, please submit a LMS support request.

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