Assignments: Allowing multiple attempts

A new feature is now available for your LMS assignments where you can choose how many attempts or submissions students can make.

To enable this setting in your Canvas subject:

  • Click the Settings link in your subject menu
  • Select the 'Feature Options' tab

Feature options tab

  • Toggle the button on for 'Assignment Allowed Attempts' so that it is green

Assignment Attempts setting

After enabling the setting, you will now see a new option when you create an Assignment, called 'Submission Attempts'.

Allowed attempts setting

This setting allows you to determine how many attempts or submissions a student can make to a particular assignment. We recommend allowing students at least 2 or 3 attempts for an assignment submission. Allowing multiple submissions is useful for when a student submits the wrong document and needs to submit again. By giving students 2 or 3 attempts, they do not need to contact teaching staff to organise a resubmission.

How to grade assignments with multiple attempts

When a student has made more than one submission to an assignment, you will see all the submissions in SpeedGrader. You will be able to see the date and time that each submission was made, and annotate each submission individually. If you are annotating more than one of the student's submissions, remember that the student will only be able to see the most recent submission. When giving the student a number grade, one grade is applied to all submissions.

For further information on using Assignments in Canvas,  see the comprehensive list of online guides or submit a support request.

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