A new visual theme for the LMS

The LMS will be unavailable on Monday 18 December, 2017 between 6am and 2pm (with an extension to 5pm if required) for essential maintenance.

The major changes resulting from this maintenance window are:

  • New LMS visual theme
  • Higher accessibility standards
  • Better responsive design for mobile and tablet users
  • Better experience via the Blackboard app and Blackboard Instructor app
  • New annotation tool for Blackboard Assignments.

Why the change of theme?

The new visual theme will give the LMS a more modern interface but navigation and functionality will remain the same.  The main driver for the new look is higher standards for accessibility.  Visually impaired users will have an improved experience using the new theme and the change is needed to ensure the LMS adheres to requirements for accessibility access.

Furthermore, the responsive design that comes with the new theme provides a better experience for all mobile and tablet users viewing the LMS with web browsers, as well as a better experience using the LMS apps: Blackboard App for students and Blackboard Instructor app.

Home Tab- new theme

Home tab- new theme

New theme in subject

New Theme in Subject

Subject theme modification no longer available

As part of the new visual theme, all subjects will revert to a standard visual theme. The option to 'change the subject theme' will no longer be available after 18 December. Buttons and text colours in the subject menu will also adhere to the standard theme. The option for adding subject banners in 'Customisation >>Teaching Style' still remains.

Learning Environments is very happy to work with teaching staff to provide their subject or communities a personalised look if required.

Other things that have changed

  • The 'My LMS' tab has been added to give staff and students a personal LMS dashboard, allowing users to customise the modules shown (such as My Announcements and My Tasks) and their locations on the screen.
  • A 'Support' tab has been added to allow users to easily click through to  lodge a support request or access guides.
  • Other tabs, (Home, Subjects and Communities) have all been updated to take advantage of the new theme.
  • The 'Manage Content' tab is no longer on home screen, however it is available to staff and students in the 'LMS tools' module on the 'Home' tab and within subjects and communities in the Control Panel.
  • The portfolios tool was a minimally used tool in the LMS will no longer be available in the new-look LMS.  Please contact Learning Environments to discuss other options for Portfolios if required.
  • Previously we had an option 'Mobile Compatible Tests'.  The new mobile apps treats all tests and test question types in the same way, hence this option is no longer necessary.

Again, Learning Environments is happy to assist staff and students adjust to the changes if needed. We can provide phone, email, or in-person consultations as necessary.

New icons in the new visual theme

In subjects and communities, the icons for the different elements that can be added in a subject have changed.  Below is a list of the old and new icons for your reference.

Icon Old Theme New Theme
Item Item Icon Old ThemeItem icon - new theme
File File icon- old themeFile icon - new theme
Audio Audio icon - old themeAudio icon - new theme
Image Image icon - old themeImage icon - new theme
Video Video icon - old themeVideo icon - new theme
Web Link Weblink icon - old themeWeblink icon - new theme
Learning Module earning Module icon - old themeLearning Module icon - new theme
Subject Link Subject Link icon - old themeSubject link icon - new theme
Content Folder Content Folder icon - old themeContent Folder icon - new theme
Blank Page Blank page icon - old themeBlank page icon - new theme
Mashup Mashup icon - old themeMashup icon - new theme
Test Test icon - old themeTest icon - new theme
Survey Survey Icon - old themeSurvey Icon - new theme
Blackboard Assignment Blackboard Assignment icon - old themeBlackboard Assignment icon - new theme
Turnitin Assignment Turnitin icon - old themeTurnitin icon - new theme
Discussion Board Discussion Board icon - old themeDiscussion Board icon - new theme
Blog Blogs Icon - old themeBlogs Icon - new theme
Journal Journals Icon - old themeJournals Icon - new theme
Wiki Wiki Icon - old themeWiki Icon - new theme
Groups Groups Page - old themeGroups Page - new theme
Tools Area Tools page icon - old themeTools page icon - new theme
Lecture Capture Lecture Capture icon - new themeLecture Capture icon - new theme
Readings Online Readings Online icon - old themeReadings Online icon - new theme
Announcements Announcements icon - old themeAnnouncements icon - new theme
Calendar Calendar icon - old themeCalendar icon - new theme
Send Email Send email icon - old themeSend email icon - new theme
Glossary Glossary icon - old themeGlossary icon - new theme
Handbook Link Handbook link icon - old themeHandbook link icon - new theme
My Grades My Grades icon - old themeMy Grades icon - new theme
Staff Information Staff Information icon - old themeStaff Information icon - new theme
Tasks Tasks icon - old themeTasks icon - new theme
Achievements Achievements icon - old themeAchievements icon - new theme
SCORM PackageSCORM package icon - old themeSCORM package icon - new theme

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