2017 subjects are now available!

Semester 1 2017 LMS subjects are now available. This means that LMS co-ordinators and teaching staff can get a head-start building content now, to ensure a smooth and effective start to the 2017 teaching period.

If you can’t see a subject that you will be teaching or assisting with, now is the time to contact the co-ordinators of the subject, and ask them to add you, using the Staff Roles tool:

If you are the co-ordinator and do not see relevant subjects that you are teaching in the LMS, please contact your LMS Faculty representative:

As usual, we recommend doing a sweep through your LMS subject and deleting any Turnitin assignments, so that you can start fresh for the new iteration of the subject:

You may also like to review our LMS Start of Semester Check List which can be accessed at:

And of course, if you’d like some teaching and learning support throughout the process of preparing your subject or community, please contact us via our support form.

Best of luck to all the LMS early birds (and worms!)




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Written by
Fiona Broussard

Learning Environments support centre