New Video Management System (VMS)

After a significant period of consultation, review and testing, the University is moving to Kaltura as its Video Management System (VMS). Kaltura will be implemented as a program of work through 2019, alongside the rollout of the new LMS, Canvas.

Our new VMS is Kaltura

The University of Melbourne generates a lot of video. Hundreds of gigabytes and thousands of individual videos are currently spread across dozens of different accounts and hosting platforms. The Project Evolve team, led by Learning Environments and Infrastructure Services, has consulted widely with staff and students.

Feedback received has reinforced the need for a new enterprise video solution that can:

  • Better handle large volumes of video content
  • Integrate with the new Canvas LMS
  • Enable new and innovative uses of video for teaching, learning and engagement.

Kaltura will support the creation, distribution and management of rich media for all teaching and learning activities at the University of Melbourne. It will also provide an extensive range of tools for making better use of video for research, promotion and engagement activity.

The Project Evolve team is working closely with vendors from both Canvas and Kaltura to guide the preparation and transition to the new integrated system. The Project Evolve team will work directly with faculties on a migration plan for existing videos that appear within the LMS.

Kaltura logo

Why we're excited about the new VMS, Kaltura

Everything under one roof

No more need to share departmental logins and keep spreadsheets of different video hosting accounts. This should mean better security, easier on-boarding and robust identity and permissions management across teams.

Smooth LMS integration

Teaching staff can upload, manage and embed their own videos from directly within their subject sites, and curate libraries of videos that are contextually relevant to their teaching.

Easier collaboration

Kaltura gives us the ability to create shared repositories and devolve administrator access to help schools and faculties better manage permissions and publish videos to the right people, at the right time, from within one system.

Screen shot of Kaltura analytics page, many numbers, many graphs
Kaltura analytics page - click for full size

Meaningful analytics

With all videos on one system, staff can finally generate meaningful analytics around viewership, completion rates and engagement heat maps. Faculties and schools can harness their own data to get a better overview of how video is functioning within their own courses.

Simplified compliance

Kaltura brings accessibility improvements, including automatic transcriptions and captions (but expect to invest some time in proofreading). Copyright guidelines should also become more straightforward with third parties like Google and YouTube out of the mix.

Why you should be excited about Kaltura

Student-submitted video

One of the most widely requested features across the University, Kaltura Video Assignments makes student-submitted video a reality, with the moderation, privacy and security features that the University of Melbourne requires.

In-video quizzing

Kaltura encourages the 'activation' of video with range of tools, including the ability to add pause points, questions for reflection, and multiple choice quizzes to the video timeline. Unlike other third party solutions, quiz results can also be stored in an LMS gradebook.

Video interactivity

Kaltura offers an interactive video design tool, which allows users to link together video clips in the cloud to create interactive videos, branching scenarios and clickable hotspots.

Kaltura personal capture editing controls
Kaltura personal capture editing page
- click for full size

Easier self-recording, editing and embedding

Kaltura offers 'Kaltura Personal Capture' software for Mac and PC that allow users to record directly from their computer desktop and web camera. Videos will upload to the user's personal video library, where they can be easily trimmed, synced with presentation slides, and embedded into subject sites.

Will Kaltura replace Lecture Capture?

The University's current Lecture Capture solution, Echo360, will continue as the main platform for capturing and managing teaching space recordings.

Will I still be able to use Vimeo and YouTube?

Kaltura offers it’s own ‘YouTube-like’ video publishing platform called Media Sites, but for publishing videos to the world, Google still rules for discovery and social video. The Project Evolve team will formulate and distribute guidelines that will help users decide which solution(s) are most appropriate.

Next steps

We will be offering many opportunities for staff to learn more about Canvas and Kaltura throughout 2019.

Look out for our regular updates on timelines, and opportunities to access and learn more about Canvas and Kaltura in playpen sites.

More information about upcoming workshops, online modules, and how you can get involved will be coming soon.

The Project Evolve team are jointly developing the LMS and VMS implementation program of work. This program is called Project Evolve. For more information please visit the Project Evolve website.