New Video Management System (VMS)

Following a comprehensive consultation, and review and test period, the University has adopted Kaltura as its Video Management System (VMS). Kaltura was implemented through 2019, alongside the roll-out of the new Canvas LMS.

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Now available in Canvas LMS via 'My Media' and 'Media Gallery' links (in the Subject navigation menu of every Canvas subject), staff can use Kaltura to create videos and share with students. Kaltura is integrated with the new Canvas LMS to make creating and using video in teaching and learning an easier and more intuitive experience for both staff and students. Learn more about the University's decision by visiting the Project Evolve webpage .

How will I benefit from Kaltura?

There are many features and benefits of Kaltura that staff and students can make use of in their teaching and learning activities in the Canvas LMS. The following list will be updated as more features and systems updates become available. Please refer to How Do I l Learn How to Use Kaltura? below to explore the practical functions of these features.

LMS integration

Upload, manage, embed, and curate libraries of videos all within your Canvas subject site.

Self-recording, editing, and embedding

'Kaltura Personal Capture' software for Mac and PC allows you to record directly from your computer desktop and web camera. Videos you create will appear in your Canvas 'My Media' area within your subject, where you can then edit, publish into Media Gallery, and embed into subject sites.


Kaltura allows you to create shared repositories with flexible administrator statuses (e.g. owner, publisher, and collaborator) to allow for sharing between staff and subjects within Canvas. This means that staff can easily share video across different subjects and their colleagues as necessary.

Student-submitted video

The ability for students to submit video assignments was one of the most requested features drawn from the consultation and review process. Assignments can now be created in Canvas to allow video submission by students, meeting our privacy and security requirements.

Meaningful analytics

With all video content in one system, you can generate meaningful analytics around viewing, completion rates, and engagement heat maps to determine how students are engaging with video content.

How do I learn how to use Kaltura?

There are several ways you can learn about Kaltura and get support:

Need more support?

Submit an enquiry to the Project Evolve team.

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