Information for students: The new Canvas LMS

Canvas is now officially here. We have started to offer a number of our summer subjects from Canvas.

Background: Why do we need a new LMS?

In 2018, the University launched an initiative to understand and document the University's current and emerging requirements for an LMS, and to facilitate a decision on the next LMS for the University. As part of the review process, an online survey was conducted about the LMS, asking staff and students for feedback and information about what they would like to see in a future LMS. 7,992 students and 81 staff completed the survey, and from their responses several key areas for improvement were identified, including:

  • Better user experience and accessibility on mobile devices
  • Issues with reliability and functionality
  • Lack of an enterprise system for hosting video for teaching and learning

Getting started with Canvas

  • How was Canvas chosen?

    Once a robust set of requirements was developed, the tender process to evaluate the LMS options took place between July and October in 2018. Candidate LMS vendors were asked to address and demonstrate how they met criteria that were derived from survey responses, Faculty and School representative workshops, and other stakeholder discussions. An evaluation team which included representatives from the Academic Board, Faculties and Graduate Schools, Learning Environments, and Infrastructure Services completed a rigorous review of the vendors' tender responses, and recommended the adoption of Canvas as the new LMS.

  • What are key benefits of Canvas?

    Some of the benefits of Canvas include:

    • Clean, intuitive and organised layout
    • Simple navigation and edit functions
    • User-friendly mobile navigation and content display
    • New options to support assessment, including an 'Assignment Speed Grader', peer-reviewed assignments, and submission of video assignments (using Kaltura).

  • How do I know my subject is being taught in Canvas?

    1. You will receive an email from your subject coordinator.
    2. You will be informed during your first lecture.
    3. You try to access your subject via Blackboard and it will redirect to Canvas.

  • What is Kaltura, the Video Management System?

    With the implementation of our new Canvas LMS, the University is also introducing a new Video Management System (VMS); Kaltura. Kaltura was chosen as the new VMS after a wide-ranging consultation process and review of current and future media (including video, audio, and photographs) activities needs of the University.

    The key recommendation from the review and consultation process was for the University to select a single, comprehensive media solution to:

    • Easily manage large volumes of video content
    • Enable individual and group video assignment submissions
    • Provide high-quality playback
    • Allow for easy navigation and administration of video files.

    Further information about Kaltura can be found on the VMS section of the Learning Environments website.

  • Where can I access Canvas 24/7 support?
  • FAQs

    Why is the University moving to a new LMS? The aim in moving to a new LMS is to improve the user experience for both staff and students, including their interaction with subject content and each other within the LMS. The priority in choosing a new LMS was to meet as many of the digital learning needs of our staff and students as possible.
    Will I access some subjects in Canvas and some in Blackboard?

    Yes. Whilst the majority of subjects will be taught in Canvas in 2020, some summer subjects and some other subjects throughout the year will continue to be taught from Blackboard LMS. This means some students may need to use both systems during summer 2019 and throughout 2020, depending on which LMS their subject is being taught from. Access to both LMS platforms is available from the one page:

    Initial feedback from students indicates that accessing some subjects via Canvas and some via Blackboard was generally straight-forward. If you have any trouble accessing your subject, you should contact your subject coordinator or tutor for support.

    How long will I get access to my Blackboard subjects? As per normal practice, you will be able to access your Blackboard subject up to just prior to the following semester or when the subject coordinator makes the subject unavailable.
    I should have access to a community but I can’t find it. What do I do? Submit a Service Now form.
    Can I customise my Canvas notifications?

How can I get help using Canvas?

Enquiry type Recommended support channel
I am having a technical problem with Canvas Use the Canvas 24/7 support hotline, including Live Chat and 24/7 support hotline 03 8652 1805.
I am new to Canvas and would like to know the basics of how to use it Student guides.
I would like to sit with someone and get help using Canvas Drop-in sessions, pop-up booths, or presentations for students (we will keep this web page updated with dates, times and locations).
I can't find my subject in Canvas Check that your subject is not being taught using Blackboard.
My subject is not listed in Canvas Submit a Service Now form.
I have questions about subject content, assignments, or assessment Contact your subject coordinator/lecturer.