Lecture Capture content maintenance

To ensure optimal Lecture Capture response times for creation and playback of current content, old recordings will soon be archived and/or deleted as part of regular system maintenance.

Recordings to be DELETED: 1 June 2012 – 31 December 2014
Recordings to be ARCHIVED: 1 January 2015 – 30 June 2016
Recordings which are NOT AFFECTED: Any recording after 1 July 2016
  • Why do we need to archive/delete Lecture Capture recordings?

    Over 1,600 lectures are recorded each week during the major teaching periods (Semester 1 and 2), requiring significant storage space. Many files are not accessed after the year in which they are recorded, and this work is aligned with the university’s data retention model of storing the past three years of recordings online, allowing the system to perform in a robust and reliable manner.

  • When is this work happening, and what impact will it have?

    The process of archiving and deleting recordings will commence in late June 2017 with no expected impact for students or staff. System maintenance occurs outside teaching hours and takes ~two weeks, and the system remains online so creation/playback/download of content is not affected.

  • What is the difference between archiving and deleting files?

    By default, recordings are stored in a high-speed storage for quick access when they’re in peak demand. When a recording is archived it is moved from the high speed storage area designed for streaming to a lower speed storage. Deletion is the permanent removal of the files as a central resource.

  • Will staff be able to identify archived recordings?

    Yes. Archived recordings will be listed under the ‘Archived’ tab in Echo Administration System.

  • Are the deleted files stored centrally, but offline?

    No. If you want a file from within the period of recordings that are to be deleted, you must download the files before June 2017 and store them on your personal hard drive/DVD/USB stick etc. We strongly encourage you to make sure you have these files before they are deleted – this includes not only regular lecture recordings but public lectures or other conference events you may have been involved with.

  • How do I download the files I need?

    Recordings from the second half of 2014 and all of 2015 are only accessible by logging in directly to the Echo Administration System. See this guide for instructions.

  • If a lecturer doesn’t record a lecture this year, can they access last year’s recording?

    Yes. Only files older than 18 months will be archived so last year’s recording will still be available in high-speed storage, unaffected by the archiving process.

  • Can staff un-archive recordings and make them available to students again?

    Yes. If students need access to past recordings, then staff can log into the Echo Administration System and un-archive a file for a specific recording. This will migrate it back from low-speed storage to high-speed storage. support staff who need to perform this task should see this guide.

  • Is there anything stopping staff from just un-archiving every recording and keeping files online indefinitely?

    No. However, staff will not be able to link to un-archived files in older subjects directly within the LMS, and those recordings are re-archived again every six months. If a recording is un-archived for current students to access, it should be copied to the current subject within the Echo Administration System. See this guide for copying instructions.

  • My question is not answered – what now?

    If you have any queries about this upcoming maintenance task, please contact the ALSS team.

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