Learning Management System and Lecture Capture

Providing support for the Learning Management System (LMS) and Lecture Capture.

Learning Environments provides support for the Learning Management System (LMS) and Lecture Capture.

The LMS hosts online learning spaces for students and staff in every subject. The LMS helps staff create rich resources and learning activities, and manage assessment and feedback. It also helps students communicate with staff members and collaborate with each other.

Staff can host online communities through the LMS. An online community is a space to share resources, projects, collaborative research and online communication with colleagues, students, or a general community of interest.

The Lecture Capture system records lectures and events in supported venues. Recordings are made available to students as streaming video, via the LMS.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

Visit the LMS website for LMS guides, LMS workshops, getting started with the LMS and LMS support requests.

Lecture Capture

Learning Environments supports the Echo360 Lecture Capture system. The system records room audio and visual content from in-room presentations in over 115 theatres and other spaces. This service is also available for supported public events and conferences, scheduled through Venue Hire.

See a list of Lecture Capture supported venues.

Need to record content outside a lecture theatre? Echo360 Personal Capture lets you record content anywhere, any time, using a personal computer. Students can stream or download your recordings at their convenience via the Learning Management System (LMS).

Professional development workshops

We hold regular professional development events to help staff use the LMS to enhance their teaching.

Workshops cover a range of topics including getting started, assessment options, and communication. They are hands-on, with expert guidance to help you build your skills and explore the features of the LMS.

We can also customise an LMS staff development event for your group, Department or Faculty. We'll work with you to create an event tailored to your learning needs, time restrictions and educational outcomes.

Recent LMS & Lecture Capture work

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