Scheduled recordings in your teaching space

The recent communication from the Vice-Chancellor indicated that the University will pause all teaching, learning and assessment from March 23 2020 and transition to a full virtual campus by Monday 30 March 2020.

Many lecture recordings are currently enabled by our campus-based automated lecture capture system, which will not be available for use after March 23 2020.

Learning Environments will temporarily shut down the campus-based lecture capture system to allow alternative lecture recordings to be created and published to LMS subject sites. Staff will need to record their lectures on their own computer or mobile device, using software called Universal Capture software.

Universal Capture is available for:

  • University of Melbourne computers via the Software Library
  • Personal computers, directly within Echo360
  • iPhones and Android devices, via their respective app stores.

More information about how to make standard recordings and recordings of different types, and how to make them available to students here.

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