Ensuring your first Zoom session is a success

Recommendations for your first Zoom session:

  • Practice using each of the features you are going to use, before any session with students.
  • Mute students’ audio, either when scheduling the session or at the beginning of the session. Let them know when they can unmute (individually).
  • Have a more experienced Zoom user sit in on your session to help troubleshoot if necessary.
  • Have set question break times to allow you to look/hear where questions are coming from at key points in your session (for example in Chat, virtual raised hands, audio).
  • Only use the basics – audio, webcam and screenshare – for your first session. Avoid other tools until you are confident.
  • Have a second device logged in as a ‘dummy participant’ so you can see student view when needed (remember to mute audio on the second device, both in Zoom and on the desktop).
  • Log in 15 minutes early to test your audio settings.
  • When scheduling your meeting, set it up to automatically record (so you don't forget to press record).

This page was last updated on 05 Jul 2021.

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