LMS Preview Sites for first-year students

In order to help incoming first year students to make clearer choices for their selection of 2017 subjects for enrolment, and to reduce the volume of re-enrolment requests at the start of semester, we have established ‘preview’ sites in the LMS.

These sites are a copy of the most recent subject delivery and are designed to provide an opportunity for subject coordinators to present a selection of subject material to profile and advertise the subject to prospective students.

The sites were made available for the relevant instructors from the November 30 2016, communications were sent out to staff and faculties subsequently in December and January.

On January 18, more than 50 of these sites were made available to students who could then see them while planning for their courses via the following links:

The Academic and Learning Systems Support (ALSS) team are happy to assist with advice, or provide direct support to prepare preview sites in readiness for student viewing. Please contact us by logging a support request.


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Written by
Jeremy Goh

Learning Environments support centre