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I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures and especially found the recommended additional reading material helpful in deepening my understanding on ageing. I am a 27 years old full time worker and mother of 3 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The structure of this course certainly benefited people like me who have busy schedules but still want to pursue their interests and continuously learn new things. I aspire to work in designing policies for the ageing population some day. To achieve this, it is my hope to have the opportunity and means to take this course full time at The University of Melbourne. Thank you very much again for this enriching experience.Rethinking ageing: are we prepared to live longer

I just wanted to say a big ‘thanks’ for running this course. It has been incredibly fascinating learning all this material and has really inspired me to continue to learn more around epigenetics. Although I don’t have a degree in the subject I thought the material was pitched at just the right level and went into the right amount of detail – for me at least. The lectures were really engaging and I thought you explained the concepts very clearly… Thanks again for putting the course together, I’ve really enjoyed it!Epigenetic control of gene expression

Thanks for a great series. This specialization has helped me (as a data scientist) become a stronger business partner with my company. The capstone helped hammer home some concepts that I obviously didn’t understand the first time through. Thank you Paul and Sean!Essentials of corporate finance specialization

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