FieldFriend is an iOS app and website developed by Learning Environments in collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences to assist students on ‘self-guided’ small group field excursions during the first year of the BEnvs.

The FieldFriend app provides a scaffolding for experiential learning. With a database backend, students are guided by an expert through location aware prompts and questions and/or they may construct their own knowledge using spatially referenced notes, photos, and videos.

Resources are uploaded to a database (linked to the LMS) for future reference and can be retained locally when internet connections are not available.

The FieldFriend website allows staff to author the trips, media, and questions. It also allows students to view and export their collected media (including question answers) and view their group members’ media.

FieldFriend iOS app
FieldFriend iOS app
FieldFriend iOS app
FieldFriend website

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