Chocs and Blocks

Chocs and Blocks screenshot

Learning Environments was asked to refresh a long-established teaching task in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The exercise aims to teach students about the mathematical concepts of sample selection, means and standard deviation.

The activity was previously run as a lab class activity involving 100 wooden blocks of different shapes and weights. Because the task used physical objects, it involved a lot of manual calculation and collation. Not only was it time consuming; there frequently weren’t enough blocks for the whole class.

Learning Environments developed a flexible, low-cost online solution that streamlined this process considerably. The end product is an interactive mini site that allows students to select graphical blocks using their laptop or tablet. All calculations are automated and results data stored and presented within a central location. The online solution even improves on the physical version by collecting new kinds of data that can be used for further analyses and research activities.

Chocs and Blocks statistics screenshot

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