Using video in teaching

Theory, research and practice workshops

Discover ways to effectively use video in teaching and learning based on current research in the higher education context.

About this session

What research can we draw on when designing and producing video for teaching and learning? How can we do a better job of matching video production strategies with pedagogical aims? Informed by a systematic analysis of video use in higher education, this workshop aims to inject some evidence into a field that has hitherto largely been the realm of heuristic and anecdote.

During this workshop, an educational psychologist and a video producer will bring you up to speed on the current research on effective use of video in teaching and learning with screen examples, new video planning resources, practical exercises, and a Q&A with academics engaged in video projects.

2018 Sessions

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Tuesday 29th May, 2-4pm

*Please note this session is open to University of Melbourne staff only

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